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Video blog follow up to yesterdays post
  Joeingram1, Oct 06 2014

Decided to put this one in video form, look forward to fun comment war

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Recent podcasts with Oddsen and Greg Merson
  Joeingram1, Oct 05 2014

Here are the last 2 podcasts I did with HSPLOer Odd_oddsen and WSOP Main champ Greg Merson. Odds was much funnier than I expected him to be. Crashwhips from 2p2 wrote up a good summary of the episode. I will be recording this week with the WCOOP Main Event winner CrownUpGuy and long time HSNL/PLOer Alexiemartov/Magic Ninja


-He owns 2 houses, a house he paid 1.5million usd that he lives in, and another house he rents out apts in

-He said after realizing he was "set for life" from poker, he decided it was a bad idea to risk a downswing at nosebleed stakes, so he is now staked for 25/50+

-Skjervoy was visiting him last year + while hammered, had an accident in a sauna w/ vodka and the flames heating the sauna, and set himself on fire

-~1:05 Funny Gus Hansen / Phil Ivey Vegas story

-He is mad at Lefort I guess bc Lefort spoke so highly of Oddsen's game on an earlier CJ podcast. He says he thinks that's a big reason he stopped getting shorthanded action at high stakes + thinks it cost him 200-300k in ev. He goes on to say Lefort is very good + def top 5 in the world at hu plo

-His list of top 6m plo players:

1. Johan
2. Isildroon
3. Berri_Sweet
4. Lautie
5. Fjutekk
6. JediMaster

I also did one with Greg Merson who won the 2012 WSOP Main Event and is a long time reg on Pokerstars. Feedback on this one has been really great and some people commented it was a bit more serious of a tone as compared to most.

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Finding Inspiration in Others
  Joeingram1, Oct 05 2014

Hey guys

I've suddenly found myself feeling inspired lately and this lead me to get inspired to write about finding inspiration Make sense??

I think I have underestimated how important it is for me personally to feed off of inspiration I get from other people. This realization came to me very recently when I started hanging out more with my friend who is really into fashion, smelling good, looking good. Everyone is into smelling good and looking good for the most part right? I know I used to be this way for a good period of time but for whatever reason I have not put as much stock into it as I once did. I think the line between wanting to look/feel good and being obsessed with how you look is interesting. I know that when people used to meet me they would say that they thought I was obsessed with how I looked, saying it with a negative connotation. I think after hearing it so many times I started believing that maybe it was a negative thing to want to really look GOOD when it comes to being in shape, how you dress, tan, etc... Now I think I've come to the realization that if you have interest in attracting a higher quality of person in a potential partner (one who cares about these things for themselves) then you should should also. I'm not really sure how you can do this without almost becoming obsessed about it but I think as I get older, it becomes a bit more manageable of an emotion.

After thinking more about it, I made a facebook status update thanking 4 people who I felt like really inspired me over the last years of my life. I've always tried to take away inspiration when I meet people who have some qualities that I really admire, I try to think about how I can possibly be more that way. I'm not sure if this is how most people do it. I think the biggest initial inspiration I can remember is when I met my friend Asher while I was living in San Diego. I was into hair and how I dressed a bit up until that point of my life but after meeting him I realized how fun fashion could be, how much better you could look because of it and that I could style my hair a different way then sorta short/bit spikyish on the top. I also really admired the way he handled himself around a group of people. Up to that point I was a pretty big noob at this and really had no idea (debatably still don't) but seeing the way someone could be in a situation like that really opened my eyes that I didn't have to be such an asshole in a lot of spots. I could talk about the way the other 3 specific people I tagged impacted me if there is enough interest in reading about it.

I'm not sure if this post is more like a "hey you guys should try this" or "hey does anyone else find this happens to them." I think it is a combo of both of those ideas. I think I really forgot just how much other people could impact my own life and got away from it entirely for about a year now. I'm hoping from this point on that I can start finding it again in other people and possibly change the way I am for the better.


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