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My New Podcast With WCGRider
  Joeingram1, Mar 24 2014

Hola LP world, I haven't written about any of my podcasts as of yet. I wanted to let you guys know about my 2nd podcast I have begun doing with WCGRider (link at bottom) and a bit of behind the scene idea's, thoughts, etc... that I have been having about the poker podcast world. I've already done a few episodes of a PLO podcast that I will be going a bit more in detail about soon on here but I am going to focus more on the WCG pod right now.

A couple of months back I had an idea to start doing podcasts, one forming around PLO hands, one around conversation style pertaining to the poker lifestyle/mindset/etc... and one where me/wcg rider do a 2 man podcast. We have known each other for about 6-7 years. Doug initially messaged me on 2p2 and asked me if I would be interested in being staked by him so that I would be able to move up a limit and also get some coaching. I had been posting some really sick 50nl and 100nl full ring graphs in the BBV forum and he looked for winning players that might be interested in playing a higher limit. I of course accepted and our poker relationship was born from that moment. We have stayed in touch over the years and hung out at different random times in different cities. He was in Chicago in December with his girlfriend and we did a double date while discussing this idea further. I think he is one of the most talked about people in the NL world right now but I think most of the talk that goes on is "i hate this mother fucker, he is a dbag." With some of the public comments he has made about being the best I can understand why many people might feel a certain type of way. I think a large percentage of the poker following population is also unaware of anything he did in poker/life before he started battling at high stakes HU which is also to be expected. By doing this podcast, I thought it would be a really great way for people out there to get to know more about him and also to get a better understanding of the poker journey to the top and that he isn't a complete asshole.

We decided to make it official and record our first podcast together a couple weeks ago. I started out with an outline of about 20 different potential talking points but I quickly realized we really wouldn't need any talking points because everything flowed out really well. I know that Doug is going to be the far more interesting person and the one that most people listening are going to want to hear so I decided to take a more interviewish approach to it but also including some ideas of my own on different topics. I noob'd it up in a couple different places over the first one but overall I really enjoyed that angle of things and I am really excited to start doing more with different people in poker. I'm hoping to stay away from the traditional "what is your poker story" angle and try to focus more on a bit more exciting things about the poker life.

I released this podcast last Thursday and overall the reception has been really good. I hope you guys enjoy the first episode and feedback good and bad is much appreciated. So far I think I've done a really good job on taking all feedback in and thinking about ways I can improve on my podcasting all around.

**I actually thought I would go more in-depth into my whole podcast mindset with things but I realized most of that is more relevant to the PLO write up , what happened to youtube videos automatically embedding in the posts??

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How do you measure productivity as a poker player?
  Joeingram1, Mar 05 2014

I've been thinking about this so much these past couple months but I can't really come up with a good answer that makes me happy about it. The idea of what should we be doing to consider ourselves being productive as a poker player. I think for a long time in my early poker years, I measured this only by did I play alot of hours/hands today, hopefully I won some money. As time went on that started to shift over to have I been winning money which gradually turned into have I been playing well/winning money.

In the past couple months I've been having really great results playing but I feel like I have been not very productive. In the months before that I felt like I was being really productive in terms of putting in the hours but with not so good results. So if you are playing 8-10 hours/day and making a small amount or playing 1-3 hours a day and making a large amount, is one more productive than the other? The only thing that matters for results in poker is making money....I haven't been able to justify working on other things/doing absolutely nothing with my time just because I am having big winning months. I think I feel more happy with myself and feel a better sense of achievement if I struggle for 8-10 hours a day playing. You could then argue, well why don't you just play 8-10 hours a day if you are winning but that is a completely different argument which is much much easier in theory than actuality.

I think you can also take into account how much time you spend working with PPT (poker equity program), reviewing hand histories, watching poker videos, talking poker with friends to decide if you are being productive but the less hours I play in a day the less hours I will work on any of this.

I've been able to be extremely productive outside of poker which could be argued has actually helped me be more productive in a shorter time at poker. There are really so many hours in the day you can spend playing basketball, working out, cooking, doing yoga, practicing dance, playing guitar/piano, stretching. I'm pretty sure I still spend hours and hours a day browsing random things on the internet but I'm not sure I should have expectations on myself to be working on something every minute I am awake. Maybe some mindless browsing is good each day.

If I was a professional live poker player and was trying to figure all of this out I would get sad. For most live players that go to the casino 5-7 times a week for 6+ hours a day... I can't imagine they feel much productivity with any part of there life. Even trying to think about having to do this makes me feel a certain type of way. You could argue that comparing a live poker player profession to many other professions where you get a similar type of feeling and make less money would even be worse. I would agree

This whole idea of productivity is something I never really have given much thought to but I know there are plenty of other poker players out there who probably have and can answer this question much better than I can. Hopefully I'll be able to take away something from someone else out there that I can incorporate into my own mindset.

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How to follow your LP posts and HH comments
  Joeingram1, Jan 29 2014

Wanted to write a little liquid poker psa that it took me about 6 years to figure out. I never knew how to do this for the longest time and I would end up commenting on something and forgetting what I commented on and then never reply or engage in any sort of conversation. Last week I discovered if you go to My Blog and then My Posts, the posts you commented on all come up and it tells you who had the last response and takes you right there. Really wish I knew about this a long time ago.

Also for PLO Hand Histories being posted on here. I've been posting on some HH's lately but the guy who posts the hand never comes back to it, which is a problem I used to have because I never knew how to track if something got commented on or if a new comment was posted. I'm more than happy to comment on PLO HH's that are posted but pleaseeeeee reply back lol, my last comments on hands were 3 questions just to see if anyone ever came back to check what they posted

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